What makes the perfect packaging design?

Anyone that thinks that appearance doesn’t matter is kidding themselves, especially when it comes to marketing and selling goods or services.  It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts; it’s the outer packaging too.  Humans are visual creatures and we will often choose to buy into a brand or product simply because we like the way it looks or the image that the brand portrays.

It’s essential that you put as much thought into your product’s packaging and branding as you do the actual product that you’re selling.  Here are five essential qualities of the perfect packaging design.

Aesthetically pleasing – As we’ve already discussed, people make buying decisions based on products that look the most attractive to them.  The perfect packaging design should be professionally designed to look visually appealing.

Clarity – It’s important that your packaging doesn’t leave your audience feeling confused.  The packaging should clearly communicate what the product is, what it’s for, and the brand’s identity.  If it’s not clear what your product is on first glance then your potential customers are likely to quickly move on.

Honest – Make sure that your packaging cannot be accused of being misleading in any way, it’s important that your packaging is an honest representation of its contents.  Dishonest packaging can lead to some big problems for your brand including bad brand reputation and poor sales.

Originality – Make your brand stands out from other brands by daring to give it an original design.  Make it easy for customers’ eyes to be drawn to your packaging on the shelves by making it look different from your competitors’ packaging.  If you want customers to change their buying habits for your product then you need to offer them something eye-catching and different.

Impact – Customers will often be browsing a number of similar products when they come across yours so it’s important to make sure that your brand’s packaging makes a lasting impact on your customers.  If your product is going to be appearing on shelves in a store then it’s important that your packaging is strong, vibrant and easy to see.  You need your packaging to be simple and bold in its design in order for it to stand out and make an impact on potential buyers.


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