Craft Coffee – developing an artisan experience

Marco Paolo Premium Coffee

Developing the Marco Paolo Miscela Premio Coffee Brand.

The Marco Paolo Miscela Premio brand was developed by the Downtown Creative Agency’s company Directors, Marco Cannata and Paul Taliadoros, who are avid coffee drinkers and passionate about branding & packaging design. The brand was developed with a handcrafted script which visually describes the care, love, and attention that goes into creating a quality artisan coffee brand, or as we like to say “Craft Coffee”.

The brand was named after the two directors and created to mimic the great explore Marco Polo who traveled the world exploring and discovering new places. Marco Paolo coffee is a 100% AA Grade Arabic Bean and comes from the worlds finest coffee producing regions. The coffee is roasted by one of South Africa’s finest Master Roaster, Daniel Thomas which ensures that you receive a unique and truly remarkable coffee experience. The brand is all about discovering something new and different, and coffee, can take you on a road of discovery, whether its meeting someone new, traveling to a new destination or listening to a new song for the very first time. Often these discoveries happen while drinking a good cup of hand crafted coffee.

Great attention and detail has gone into creating each element of this artisan brand. Special wedge Business cards were designed with 4 layers of premium paper stuck together which makes our cards quite unique. A black foil element was added to the logo giving the card a strong appeal, just like our coffee. Wooden lazar engraved coffee stands were created for the point of sale displays that can be easily placed at till counters of retailers, to encourage impulse purchases.

The product range comprises of three different blends, the Premium Blend, Italian blend and Light blend. The challenge with the packaging design was to create a fully printed bag, and not to use labels on the packs. In the not so distant past this would have not been achievable for a small artisan brand, as the minimum order quantities on one of the prints would have put the costs into the hundreds of thousands. The solution to do short print runs came in the form of a digital printer that could print full colour on silver foil bags that were required to keep the coffee fresh and tasty. This allowed us the freedom to design and print whatever we desired on the bags with no restrictions. The three blends were each created in the corporate colours of the brand, which are Black, Silver and White, in order to identify the different blends. Marco Paolo is now available in selected Spar’s and independent retailers.

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