5 Secrets of successful branding

Your branding is just as important as the product or service that you’re offering to your customers.  The effectiveness of your branding will establish the impression that your business makes on the market place and influence whether or not they buy your product.

Many people fail to realise just how much work successful company branding involves.  It’s not just about your company’s logo, shop front and name; it’s about so much more than this.  Your company’s brand encompasses the way that your business communicates with its customers, its reputation, personality, values, and so much more.  Here are 5 of the most important secrets of successful business branding.

Strategy - Building a successful brand for your business is not something that you can rush into; it needs to be done carefully, thoughtfully, and with a solid strategy behind each decision that you make.  It’s important to draw up a clear strategy that explores your target market’s identity and your competitors and sets your goals and objectives.   A clear strategy will give everything that you do more focus to build a stronger and more reliable brand image.

Identity – A successful brand will have a clear and vibrant identity.  It’s important to be creative to make your brand stand out from the crowd so that it is easy to differentiate between your brand and other similar businesses.  When creating your brand’s identity keep your target audience in mind, remember that people will want to buy into companies with fresh and exciting ideas that have something new to offer.

Consistency – It’s important to remain consistent with your branding at all times.  Make sure that any other people that are involved in the running of your business are clear on what your brand’s identity is as well so that they can help to present your business in a consistent way.  It’s extremely important to ensure that customers are never confused in any way about your business’ brand or identity.  Ensure that any logos and colour schemes that you have used remain consistent so that your brand is always easily recognisable.

Visually attractive - Don’t underestimate the importance of the visuals of your brand.  People are naturally attracted to products that look good, so it’s very important that your design is professional and of a high quality.  Your brand’s key message, selling point, or value should always be clear and consistent throughout all of your visuals.  Make sure that all of your design work is produced to appeal to your target market and make sure that the packaging of your product or service stands out from your competitors’.

Credibility – No matter how visually appealing your brand is or how grand your strategy is, customers will not buy from a company that they do not believe to be credible.  Customers need to be able to trust your brand or your product, so think about what it is about your product that makes it superior to your competitors.  Is it your award-winning staff, your many years of experience, or your superior quality ingredients?  Whatever it is make sure that you clearly promote it.


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