5 Proven ways of increasing brand awareness online

Building a prominent, active, and engaging online presence is essential if you want to get your brand known and build its credibility.

When used correctly the internet is a great tool for making your brand easily accessible to a huge number of people.  It is also a flexible platform from which to show the world your brand’s personality and inform people of your presence.  There is no doubt that it is an extremely valuable tool.

When it comes to building your brand’s presence online it’s important that you approach the task with a plan and don’t go into it blindly.  We’ve come up with 5 proven ways to go about getting your brand known online.

Social media profiles

By setting up social media profiles for your business you are giving yourself a platform from which to promote your brand from.  Make sure that you have a presence on all of the popular social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter so that you can start to build up a following for your brand.  Use your social media profiles to interact with your followers and share interesting and engaging content with them.

Media requests

Getting your business mentioned in a news article is a great way of getting your name out there and giving your brand credibility.  There are a number of websites online used for connecting journalists with sources.  Sign up with these websites to be in with a chance of getting a mention in the media to demonstrate your authority and thought leadership.

Email signatures

Link people to your company website and social media profiles at every chance that you get.  A wonderful way of sharing your social media profiles with everyone that you communicate with online is to incorporate them into your email signature.

Guest posts

Another way of demonstrating that your brand is an expert in its industry is by submitting guest posts to blogs within your industry.  The owner of the blog gets some great quality content for their website and your brand gets publicity, everybody wins!

Email newsletter

Once your brand has acquired a following you need to continue to cultivate your online presence and keep in touch with your followers.  A great way of keeping your fans in the loop with your business and industry news is by sending out a regular newsletter.  If the content that you share is interesting and engaging then your followers will share it with their friends and awareness of your brand will continue to grow.


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